Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Zoho Adds Database And Reporting Tools

Online application suite Zoho has added database management and reporting to its range of tools. Zoho DB & Reports is a web-based relational database manager and reporting tool. With this you can…
  • Create, edit and access your databases from anywhere.
  • Convert spreadsheet files (.xls) to online databases.
  • Import .csv, .tsv files and manage your data and reports over the web.
  • Build reports using a Drag and Drop interface.
  • Create charts, pivot table, summary and other wide-range of reports.
  • Query your database using any known SQL dialect to create powerful and flexible reports.
  • Share databases and reports for collaboration with others.
  • Embed reports and queries into websites or blogs.

Since they already have Zoho Creator for online database creation, I'm not sure what extra benefits this brings other than a much more user-friendly or at least less geek-oriented interface but it is fairly nice to use.

Zoho certainly seems to be shaping up to give Microsoft and Google some decent competition in the office tools market and is well worth investigating.

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