Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Screenshot - Grab A Shot Of A Web Page

The rather unimaginatively titled Super Screenshot is a free web service for grabbing a screen capture of a web page. All you need to do is give it the URL of the page you want captured and it'll go off and do the business, capturing the entire page, regardless of length.

Once it's done it's work, it presents you with a thumbnail view of the image and a set of options for viewing it. You get to choose to refresh the image or view either the top page or the full page. You also get to choose the display size, ranging from X-small to Full resolution and you pick whether to display the image as a JPEG or PNG. Of course, once you've got the image displayed in the size and format you want, it's a easy task to save it to your hard disk.

There are a few caveats to be aware of…
  • Flash elements are rendered but only at time of loading the page so if they start as blank images, that's what you'll see.
  • Super Screenshot uses the Safari browser to render pages so anything that can't handle will cause you problems.
  • It won't follow redirects so if the URL you give it tries to redirect you, then the capture will fail.
Still, it seems to work pretty well and gives you another web-based screen capture option from similar services like thumbalizer and WebSnapr.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Upload And Share Presentations Online

If you've ever wanted to share a presentation with anyone, regardless of them having PowerPoint, OpenOffice, etc., then there are a couple of ways of doing that…

SlideShareSlideShare will let you upload both Powerpoint, OpenOffice and PDF based presentations and share them for free. You can tag your presentation for easy searching/categorization and you can also embed them in blogs, web sites etc. It's designed along the lines of YouTube so it should be fairly easy to use and the interface should be familiar to most web users by now.

Once you've uploaded your presentation, you can view the small version or go to full-screen, which works pretty well. Looks pretty useful a service and Keynote users can use by saving their presentqtions as PDF. Maximum presentation file upload size is 30Mb

authorStream is fairly similar to SlideShare in that it allows you to upload, tag and share presentations but it only deals with PowerPoint files. However, it does have the advantage of allowing you to download a presentation as an MP4 video file and, once you have it in that format, it opens up possibilities for transferring it onto PDAs, PS3, PSP, mobile phones, DVDs, etc. The only condition of being able to download the presentation as a video is that you must set up 'Rehearsed Timings' or have recorded audio 'Narrations' in your PowerPoint file.

They also offer a free utility for Windows to batch upload PowerPoint files to authorSTREAM and also convert presentations to Flash video files. Again, presentation file size is limited to 30Mb.

Online office applications like Google Docs, Zoho Show and ThinkFree Online offer another way to upload and share presentations. All can import PowerPoint files and Zoho Show can take OpenOffice ones as well. Once imported, you can then edit the presentation directly or collaborate with others to produce a final work. Once published, the presentation can be shared with others or embedded into a web site or blog.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

MJM Free Photo Recovery

Data recovery specialists MjM Data Recovery have decided to release their Photo Recovery software for Windows to the general public for free. Photo recovery software tools are something I've covered a few times already and there are several free offerings available (see Related Posts below) but there's never any harm in having another one to hand.

The software will recover lost or deleted JPG photographs from formatted or corrupt memory cards. Unfortunately, it can't handle memory cards that are not recognised by Windows so it probably won't work with badly damaged cards. Of course, if that happens and you're desperate to get your precious pics back, then MJN offer a full commercial recovery service.

It's a pity they've limited it to recovering only JPEGs as more and more people are moving to dSLRs and using the more detailed RAW or TIFF formats for photo storage.

NB: The software is still in beta stage so there may be a few bugs in there yet.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Picasa Web Albums Goes Mobile

Picasa Web Albums has now been optimized for access via Windows Mobile 6 devices. Similar to the version recently released for the iPhone, this includes slideshows, searching and full image views.

This version also makes use of the recently released Google Gears for Mobile for Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices to enable offline viewing of your web albums. You'll see a "make photos available offline" link on the picasweb page and it'll prompt you to download and install Google Gears for the feature to work.

In order to access the new Picasa Web Albums mobile interface, just visit picasaweb.google.com using the mobile version of Internet Explorer on any touchscreen-capable Windows Mobile 6 device.