Friday, March 14, 2008

Evernote - Remember Everything!

I've just been trying out the beta of Evernote, a note-taking service that allows you to capture and find anything from your real and digital lives using a PC, Mac, mobile phone and the web. That could be typed notes, to-dos, brainstorms, reminders, photos, web pages or parts of web pages, handwritten notes, audio clips and memos and e-mails or MMS notes.

Evernote online
It's based around an online service for storing and searching your notes along with browser bookmarklets for Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and stand-alone applications for Windows, Windows Mobile and Mac OS X (Leopard). You can also e-mail notes directly into your account and they're working on iPhone and SmartPhone versions.

Evernote mobileEvery note added to Evernote goes through powerful recognition and indexing servers, which make it possible to find everything. For example, you can search and filter on tags, titles, text, dates and even text in images or attributes like does the note contain a web clipping, an image, audio, handwriting, etc.

Evernote is in private beta at the moment but I've got a few invites to dish out if anyone wants one and you can request one from their home page. There will be free accounts available once the service is launched but online storage will be limited at 1Gb for these. Not a serious limitation for most small or personal research projects so it's definitely worth checking out.

There are alternative note-taking systems out there such as SpringNote, Google Notebook, notesake, Jjot, Scrapbook and Clipmarks but Evernote seems to cover a wider range of functionality and devices and the search and text recognition facilities seriously gives it the edge over anything else.

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srini said...

Hi Allan !

I noticed your posting about EverNote was wondering if you'd seen our new service, MetaNotes, at .

I'd love your feedback on this as we develop it. We are totally addicted to taking notes with this, and we think it could be an intranet application that people would love using. We just came back from Austin where we won the Web Award in the Experimental category at the South By Southwest Interactive festival. I am writing because I'd love your opinion of the new notetaking service we're creating.

Here's an example of what can quickly be built with MetaNotes:
it's a page of moleskine notes that Mike Rohde took at SXSW-i.

Let me know what you think ! :)

Srini Kumar