Friday, September 01, 2006

OpenOffice Goes Native On Mac OS X

OpenOfficeA native version of OpenOffice for Mac OS X will be unveiled at Apple Expo Paris later this month.

Until now the open source business software suite has required Apple's X11 environment, which enables Unix applications to run within the Apple OS but is well known to be unreliable. X11 no longers works at all on my system and cannot be re-installed without a complete rebuild of the machine.

No final release date has yet been announced but futher information can be found on one of the developer's blogs - EribB's Place

NeoOfficeIf you can't wait that long for a native Mac OS X, open-source office suite, then have a look at NeoOffice. It's based on the OpenOffice suite and includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs.

Version 2 is in Beta testing and has also dropped the requirement for Apple's X11 environment.

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