Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Campaign For Free WiFi

Channel Five's Gadget Show are running a campaign to try and get free WiFi in every major town and city. To quote the site directly…
This week on The Gadget Show, Jason explored a pilot scheme which supplies the city of Norwich with free WiFi internet access for its people.

A great idea, but not enough. We want to see free WiFi in every major town and city in the UK; for business, for tourism, for the future, and for anyone and everyone who relies on the internet.

While it sounds like a great idea for us consumers, I'm not overy optimistic that there wouldn't be some serious opposition to it from some of the major commercial WiFi providers like BT OpenZone or those that premium connections for hotel guests. I can also imagine tax-payers living in rural areas not being too keen on subsidising us "toonies" either.

Still it can't hurt to try so if you want to join in, please sign up to their online campaign here.

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