Friday, December 01, 2006

Download Thousands Of eBooks

I came across the Open ebook site while hunting around the net for books on photography and was amazed to find it offered thousands of freely downloadable books in a wide variety of categories.

I'm not sure if it's all above board or not and the site is also a bit slow and clunky (the search didn't work) so the category listing is the best way to browse it. The categories on offer are ASP & ASP.Net, CGI & Perl, PHP, Jsp, Database, WebPage, Design, Server, Office, System, Network, Game, Magazine, Exam, Comic, Development, Communication, Society, Business, MultiMedia and Other. Okay, they're a bit weighted towards the technical side but there are magazines, comics and even some works of fiction in there too.

The files come in PDF or CHM format and Mac users should get hold of Chamonix, which is free, to read the CHM files.