Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snap Preview Anywhere

I've just added Snap Preview Anywhere to this site. It's a free service from internet search engine Snap.com that can display a small preview of any site linked to from a page. Just hover the mouse over the Snap.com link above and you'll see what I mean.

Just thought I'd try it as it looks like a good way to get a quick glimpse of where a link is going before you actually bite the bullet and click on it.

The preview window can be enabled for all external links on a page or you can pick which ones you want previewed (like here) and you can also enable or disable a search box to allow users to search the net using Snap.

Snap bills itself as "The other way to search" and offers an alternative to the more traditional text-in, text-out search engines as it shows a preview image of each found query. For example…

Snap Preview AnywhereThe previews aren't created on the fly but are held from previous search results on Snap's servers so all you get is a small image download. You can open a selected site directly in the preview pane (or in a new window) and they also offer an ActiveX plug-in to allow that to be the normal way to interact with your found sites.

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