Thursday, January 18, 2007

MediaMax Adds Automatic Windows Backup

KeepVault TourMediaMax, the online storage provider, have partnered with Proxure to offer KeepVault Windows Compatible, a free Windows application that continuously protects your files - automatically. As mentioned in an earlier post, MediaMax comes with 25GB of free space and you can increase that up to 100GBs for under $5/month.

KeepVault scans your My Documents folder and automatically backs up any changed or new files to your online MediaMax storage. You can decide which types of files to backup and once you've set it up, you can forget it. With one-time setup and continuous protection, it makes backing-up completely automatic and painless.

Of course, once your files have been backed, you can easily recover them using KeepVault or simply access them by logging on to your KeepVault or MediaMax account.

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