Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Scrybe - Watch out Google!

Scrybe, a new online organizer, calendar and content management system, looks like being another really useful web productivity application.

Scrybe's Calendar is very good indeed and it comes with world time clocks to make sure your global events happen when you want them to. It has a to-do list, you can transfer data in and out very easily and you can drag and drop directly from common applications like Excel and Word and scrybe converts at all on the fly.

But it's not just a calendar, there's also the ThoughtPad, which may be an even more impressive tool for anyone researching or just collecting information while surfing. It lets you enter ideas and you can cut and paste content from other sites as you surf around. It's all nicely formatted for you as well in a multi-column view and you can then print it off in a range of paper formats to suit your needs.

You can even work offline, yes offline. If your browser supports offline working, like internet Explorer and Firefox, then so does Scribe.

Bear in mind that the service is still in beta release and accounts are hard to get. Just sub,it your e-mail address and wait until they get to you, it'll be worth it. It's compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari and there's a decent video preview of its functionality available on the web site. No details on costs, if any, as yet.

You could use Google Calendar and Google Notepad to get some of the functionality of Scrybe but nothing like the full capabilities. I'm just waiting on that beta account to test it out more thoroughly.

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