Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Macintosh Update Checker

It's always happens! Just after you post an article on a particular topic, something new is launched a few days later. This time it's AppFresh for the Macintosh and only just after I'd posted about Software Update Checkers. Anyway here AppFresh…

AppFresh Apple Compatible - An update checker for Mac OS X applications, widgets and preference panes. Like the other tools it scans your system and compares your apps, etc. with known latest versions. You can select whether you want to scan applications, widgets and preference panes and even where they are stored on your system if you're using a non-standard folder structure.

Once it's done its business, you get the option to download the updates and you can even set it to automatically download and install certain ones it considers are "safe".

NB: This is an early preview release and it crashed twice on me at first so there are still bugs in there. Also bear in mind that it is just a preview and the developers haven't indicated if it'll be free or not so there are no guarantees on pricing.

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