Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Google Desktop For Mac

Google DesktopGoogle have released version 1.0 of Google Desktop for Mac.

It's not quite as comprehensive as its Windows counterpart but it is a desktop search application that gives you easy access to information on your Mac and from the web. It does take some of the features from the Windows version, such as indexing Gmail and web history, integration, finding content in past file revisions and deleted files, and fast application launching. They also say it correctly handles multiple users and even FileVault.

Google Desktop for Mac makes searching your own email, files, music, photos, and more as easy as searching the web with Google. As part of Google Desktop for Mac, you also get the new Google Updater, which is designed to allow you to easily install, update, and uninstall all your Google software for Mac OS X. It also allows you to explore and discover other Google software, including Google Earth, Notifier, and Picasa Web Uploader, and learn a little about each of them.

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