Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Easy Password Generation

If, like me, you use a large number of online services such as email, banking, shopping, photo sharing, social sites, etc., then you might be interested in a few easier and free ways to generate random but secure passwords.

PassPub is a free, online service that generates unique passwords to give individuals increased security. As well as basic 6, 8, 10 and 12-character passwords, it offers ar range of themes to help generate the passwords - keyboard combinations, postcodes, map references, mnemonics, vehicle registrations, WEP keys and chemical elements.

PC Tools Random Password Generator lets you specify a password length from 4 to 64 characters and lets you choose wheter to include letters, mixed case, numbers or punctuation and whether or not to block similar characters like i, l, o, 1, 0 and I.

The Online Password Generator creates random pass phrases consisting of 3-character, 4-character and 5-character words and you can choose to include or even require numbers, include or even require special characters. It also lets you set the minimum password length and you can opt to randomly capitalize letters.

That's just a few to highlight what's possible but there are lot of these out there. Here are a few more…
It's always so difficult to think of system and account passwords when deploying desktops and laptops or creating user accounts so these sites are also useful if you manage an estate of networked computers.

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