Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Screenshot - Grab A Shot Of A Web Page

The rather unimaginatively titled Super Screenshot is a free web service for grabbing a screen capture of a web page. All you need to do is give it the URL of the page you want captured and it'll go off and do the business, capturing the entire page, regardless of length.

Once it's done it's work, it presents you with a thumbnail view of the image and a set of options for viewing it. You get to choose to refresh the image or view either the top page or the full page. You also get to choose the display size, ranging from X-small to Full resolution and you pick whether to display the image as a JPEG or PNG. Of course, once you've got the image displayed in the size and format you want, it's a easy task to save it to your hard disk.

There are a few caveats to be aware of…
  • Flash elements are rendered but only at time of loading the page so if they start as blank images, that's what you'll see.
  • Super Screenshot uses the Safari browser to render pages so anything that can't handle will cause you problems.
  • It won't follow redirects so if the URL you give it tries to redirect you, then the capture will fail.
Still, it seems to work pretty well and gives you another web-based screen capture option from similar services like thumbalizer and WebSnapr.

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Frank said...

Hi Allan,

Sorry to post a comment here, but I was wondering if I could ask some questions?

I have recently been in touch with Steve Kellett from your Gannon Software days and just wanted to confirm if you were one of the developers on the C64 conversion of Pac Land? (Additionally do you know the name of the graphic artist?)

Also, have you ever worked on any C64 titles which never saw the light of day?

Many thanks,

Frank Gasking

Allan Ogg said...


Yes I worked with Steve Kellett on the C64 version of Pac-Land.

The artist was a guy called Mick Donnelly but I haven't heard of him since those days. None of us got credits on the game due to licensing restrictions from Namco.

The only other C64 games I worked on were The Hunt for Red October and The Tube. Red October was eventually developed elsewhere to allow us to get on with Pac-Land.


Frank said...

Thanks Allan for the confirmation - i'll get Gamebase64.com to update their credits in their next database release.