Saturday, April 19, 2008

MJM Free Photo Recovery

Data recovery specialists MjM Data Recovery have decided to release their Photo Recovery software for Windows to the general public for free. Photo recovery software tools are something I've covered a few times already and there are several free offerings available (see Related Posts below) but there's never any harm in having another one to hand.

The software will recover lost or deleted JPG photographs from formatted or corrupt memory cards. Unfortunately, it can't handle memory cards that are not recognised by Windows so it probably won't work with badly damaged cards. Of course, if that happens and you're desperate to get your precious pics back, then MJN offer a full commercial recovery service.

It's a pity they've limited it to recovering only JPEGs as more and more people are moving to dSLRs and using the more detailed RAW or TIFF formats for photo storage.

NB: The software is still in beta stage so there may be a few bugs in there yet.

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