Friday, May 16, 2008

Google Adds More Power To It's Translator

Google have recently added translation capabilities for 10 new languages to Google Translate, bringing the total to 23 languages. The newly featured languages include Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian and Swedish. In addition, you can now translate text and web pages as well as perform cross-language searches between any two of the supported languages, including non-Roman languages like Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Japanese and Russian.

Even more useful for some is the new Detect Language option that helps you automatically identify the language of the text you're trying to translate. Keep in mind that the longer the text, the more accurate it will be so try it out with as much text as you can.

Also of note to developers and site designers who have embedded the Google Translate My Page gadget in your website to give it global reach, then these new languages will automatically be available to your visitors. Developers can also take advantage of these new languages in the AJAX language API.

Still no Scottish Gaelic though - sigh!

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