Tuesday, May 13, 2008

flauntR - A Different Kind Of Image Editor

flauntR is a new, still in alpha development, web-based image editor. I know, I can hear you saying "what, another one?" but it's a bit different from the rest of them and does offer some added value to the image editor arena. flauntR is organized around several modules or applications that allow you to do different things to an image.

stylR provides a variety of options to have loads of fun with your photographs. With an abundance of frames, overlays, textures, etc, it helps in adding that extra edge to a photograph. For example, add an occasion based frame, a material based texture or add your image to a magazine cover mock-up and more.

editR is a comprehensive image editing package, which covers a variety of effects that could be applied on an image like sepia tone, grayscale, specialised effects like nightvision, infrared and also, basic options like crop, resize, straighten, rotate and colour manipulation.

textR allows the addition of customized text and a range of basic and novel shapes to the image. Both the text and the shapes can be modified in size, shape and colour as required.

picasR makes images resemble classical paintings in colour tone and feel. The essence of age old paintings is introduced into your images to create that vintage aura.

profilR lets you create the perfect profile picture or avatar for your social networking site. The image is adjusted as per the profile picture dimensions required for over 30 social networking sites and communities.

mobilR lets the you create the perfect wallpaper for your mobile phone or device. With support for over 200 phone models, it can create wallpapers as per the exact dimension of your mobile screen.

You can import images from your hard disk, a web site as well as from Flickr, Bebo, Facebook and Picasa Web Albums. One you've edited an image it can be saved to your flauntR storage, back to the source service or downloaded. The flauntR slideshow option lets you view the photos in your albums and services and you can choose the transitions with which you view these photos. You can also save a slideshow or share/embed it in another online service or blog, etc.

flauntR is still a growing application and new things are being added to it so it may well be worth adding to your arsenal of online image editing services along with the likes of Photoshop Express, Aviary, FotoFlexer, Splashup and Picnik.

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