Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Picasa For Mac Looking Closer

The Googling Google blog is touting some news that should have most Mac fans sit up - "Google to launch Picasa Mac at Macworld 2009?"

Sure it's only another rumour in a long line of rumours about Picasa for Macintosh but we're ever hopeful that one of these will eventually bear fruit. Not that Apple's iPhoto is bad, it's actually pretty good, but it isn't free like Picasa. You have to pay for upgrades to iLife and frankly that sucks if, like me, it's the only application in that suite you use.

So, maybe very soon now, we'll be able to compare iPhoto and Picasa directly on the Mac!


Laurie O'Donnell said...

Happy New Year.

Just commenting to let you know I have tagged you in end/start of year game.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Picasa on a Windoze machine was quite usefull but I wonder from which iPhoto version an "upgrade" to the free Picasa would be an improvement.
And whith every Mac you get a free iPhoto / iLife copy.

Br, Dietmar

Allan Ogg said...

Picasa on Windows filled a gap in that it gave us a free solution for photo management along with some pretty good tools. iLife on the other hand isn't free any way you cut it, regardless of the fact that iPhoto is a good bit of software and arguably better than Picasa.

Comparisons between the two will rage as long as they keep upgrading the functionality but frankly, I don't want to have to pay Apple for upgrades to software I don't use like Garageband and iMovie. I'd happily pay a pro-rata amount for updates to iPhoto.

Anonymous said...


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Allan Ogg said...

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