Monday, January 28, 2008

Gickr - Animated GIFs Made Easy

Animated HummingbirdGickr is a simple web utility for creating animated GIF images. Gickr lets you upload up to 10 images from either a Flickr account or your hard drive and turn them into a simple, frame-animated slide show. Animated GIFs are widely used across the web, mostly for animating small profile images or avatars but they can be used to make more complex mini-movies or even game sprites. Earlier web pages used them a lot before the emergence of Adobe Flash as the default web animation medium.

Animated GIFs aren't new by any means as they were intoduced in 1989 with the GIF89a standard but making one was always a bit on the tricky/techy side for the average user. Gickr makes this easy so it's an ideal tool for those that just want to make an animation quickly. Gickr lets you choose the final image size from a choice of four options (100, 120, 300 and 450 pixels wide) and frame change delay speeds of fast, slow, normal or 3 seconds. It'll even host the animation for you if you wish with the option to tag it for inclusion in a gallery.

On the downside, Gickr burns in a watermark at the top left of the image of the two larger sizes. The site is also fairly heavily ad supported but it's free so, if you don't have the luxury of owning Adobe Photoshop or Flash and need a wee animation, then this is worth trying out.

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