Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jumpcut - Edit Video Online

Jumpcut is yet another video hosting and sharing service of which there are many but Jumpcut comes at it from a different angle. What it allows you to do is to upload your audio tracks, photographs, movie clips, basically any kind of media that can be combined into a movie and then it lets you edit that movie.

You can upload from your computer, directly from camera or by e-mail and you can even import photographs directly from Flickr and Facebook. You can then rearrange the clips and add titles, transitions and effects, etc. You can also add more media elements as you need them from within the editor.

It's not just all about your movies as you can explore, view and even use other shared media in your own movies. You can even copy and remix someone's else's movie if you want to (and they've made it public).

Once you got a movie ready for publication, you can e-mail a link to it to anyone or post it to another web site as they give you the code to embed it anywhere as well as special automated links to post directly to MySpace!, Facebook, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Digg and

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