Sunday, May 13, 2007

Online Image Editing With Wiredness

I'm beginning to lose track of the number of free, online image editing and manipulation tools available. We've already got Phixr, Picnik, Snipshot, Pixenate, Fauxto and Preloadr and now another one, in the shape of Wiredness, has been added to the fold.

WirednessOkay, the name Wiredness doesn't immediately make you think of an image editor but no sign-up is required and the interface is available in English, French and German.

It has all the usual tools (crop, resize, rotate, flip, zoom) and you can adjust exposure, brightness and contrast. It also sports a decent array of effects such as red-eye removal, colorize, polaroid, watercolour, rounded, sharpen, greyscale, negate, sepia, sketch, blur, emboss and edge detect. On top of this, literally, you can add text and shapes and you can even overlay another image.

It can integrate with image storage and sharing site Flickr, although I suspect that functionality is still in development as it proved a bit unreliable when I tried it and I couldn't see any way to access my own images other than by searching for specific tags. Mind you it is still at the beta stage so I suspect it'll improve.

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