Monday, June 04, 2007

Better Flickr Firefox Extension

If you're a fan or user of photo sharing site Flickr and use the Firefox internet browser, then you might like a look at the Better Flickr Firefox extension, created by's Gina Trapani.

It's basically a compilation of work done by several Greasemonkey scripters, which adds a menu of optional extra features to Flickr that allows you to…

  • Add more user links to photo pages.
  • Use a rich-text editor for comments.
  • Display EXIF information on a picture.
  • Have a drop-down, All Sizes menu.
  • Have an "Instant Zoom" button on photo pages.
  • See an image of the camera used to take a picture.
  • Reply directly to another commenter using their linked name or avatar.
Being a Flickr user, I think some of these could be very useful and I really like the idea of a rich-text editor, quicker access to all sizes and more links. It's a fairly early revision so maybe we'll get a few more bits of functionality added over time.

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