Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flickr Upload Plug-In For Picasa

If you use Google's Picasa to organize and manipulate your digital photographs and have an account on Yahoo's photo storage and sharing site Flickr, then you'll probably wait a very long time before either of those worthies delivers a simple method of uploading images from Picasa to Flickr since Google's Picasa Web Albums is a direct competitor to Flickr.

Picasa2FlickrPicasa2Flickr Button

So, install one little Java applet called Picasa2Flickr and you're now cooking with gas. Picasa2Flickr installs a button into Picasa, allowing you to upload any selected images to a Flickr account. You can assign tags and privacy and even resize images before uploading and you can add those images to an existing or new set on Flickr. It's a Windows only plug-in at the moment but the author is hoping to get it working under Linux.

Google's Picasa is an excellent, free application for organizing and photo retouching digital images and pretty much a must-have for any PC owning digital photographer that doesn't have the cash to shell out for a commercial solution so this is a really welcome addition to have for it.

I use Apple's iPhoto and upload images to Flickr using an old, free version of FlickrExport, which works very well. FlickrExport is an iPhoto plug-in that is now distributed as shareware for current versions but you can still find the old 1.3.4 version out there if you look hard enough.

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