Friday, June 08, 2007

Mac Browser Updates

Camino logoMacintosh exclusive internet browser application Camino has been updated to version 1.5, which comes with a raft of new features…
  • Now incorporates the built-in Mac OS X spell-checker on every text field.
  • Support for “session saving”, or remembering what pages you were visiting when you quit and automatically loading them the next time you start.
  • An improved pop-up blocker user interface, making it more visible and giving you the option to show the pop-up, whitelist the site, or never get prompted again.
  • The ability to keep Flash animation from loading until you’re ready (Flashblock) as well as the ability to disable all plug-ins.
  • Automatic detection of RSS/Atom feeds in web pages.
  • Tooltips help you keep track of all your tabs when you can’t read their titles.
  • “Single window mode” tames sites that insist on opening new windows by forcing their new windows to open in tabs, keeping window clutter to a minimum.
  • “tab jumpback” - when a site opens a new tab, you can “jump back” to the page you were viewing simply by closing the new tab.

Netscape Navigator
Remember Netscape Navigator, one of the leading browsers back in the nineties? Well, after the disasters that were versions six and seven and a no show for the Mac with version 8, we're going to get a version nine. Netscape used to be my browser of choice back in the days when there was really only a choice between that and Internet Explorer so it would be nice if they brought back something of value to the market.

However, Netscape version nine is based on Firefox 2 and supports themes and extensions for that platform so I don't see it storming the user-base of confirmed Firefox fans but you never know. That also means that extensions developed for Netscape Navigator 9 will also be compatible with Firefox (and other such Mozilla based browsers).

It's compatible with Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (even Vista) and has a large number of new features, which might prove useful to some users.

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