Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How To Break DRM

I just stumbled across a useful web page that describes, in fairly simple steps, how to break the DRM systems protecting such things as DVDs and music purchased online. It was written with non-technical or "average" users in mind in a nice step-by-step manner.

Obviously I'm not condoning piracy here but when you do buy a music track or DVD legally, you should be able to enjoy it on whatever platform you want. For example, how do you transfer a DVD to an iPod or PSP or how do you convert a track purchased on the iTunes Music Store to play on a Creative Zen or Microsoft Zune? If a DVD gets scratched or broken or your computer decides to melt down, where can you get a backup from and how would you make one in the first place? This page covers all of that…

Fair enough, I already know how to do most of this stuff but not everyone does and even I picked up a few extra bits and pieces here as well so it's useful even from an experienced users' point of view.

It also covers downloading videos From YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, iFilm, etc. and using BitTorrent but it's a bit light on the "how to do it on a Mac" side so maybe I'll do a Mac one myself at some time in the future.

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