Friday, July 13, 2007

OWL Music Search

Came across another music recommendation site…

Owl Music Search compares your favorite songs to thousands of others to find similar songs for you to listen to, enjoy, and purchase. Owl has currently indexed over 98,980 songs from commercial and independent song catalogs, including the music sites ccMixter, Magnatune, and Jamendo.

Briefly, you pick a track from your own collection of music or sounds, select a small segment of the track to use as a seed and hit search. If all goes well, OWL should return with results of related sounds. Their engine uses proprietary algorithms to characterize sound based on the actual features of the sound signal. These features include spectral information (such as values and ranges in pitches and harmonies), as well as information about the structure of the sound over time.

Obviously their focus is on selling you music to add to your collection but the service is limited to analyzing MP3 files and, since I only have AAC music files, I wasn't able to try it out.

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