Wednesday, July 25, 2007


PikifxPikifx is another online image editor/enhancer to add to the roll that includes Phixr, Fauxto, Picnik, Wiredness, Preloadr, Pixenate and Snipshot.

Basically, much like those other sites, Pikifx allows users to upload a JPEG or GIF image from their hard drive or from a URL and add a range of effects to it.

With Pikifx you can resize and crop your photo and add creative effects, text, shapes and borders to it. The range of effects and borders available is pretty good. You can…
  • Convert to colour, sepia, black and white and greyscale.
  • Adjust exposure, hue, tint, colour balance, colours and saturation.
  • Apply sketch, oil painting, comic, charcoal, edge, emboss and shade effects.
  • Apply halftone and newspaper dithering.
  • Apply radial, motion and normal blurring.
  • Add a few fun effects like money, tiles and fade to black.
  • Add from a list of 42 different border styles.
  • Add text with gradient, stroke, shadow, glow, fisheye, expand, wavy, squeeze and rotation effects and with a range of background effects.
That's not a bad list to choose from and you can adjust effects after they've been applied. Pikifx certainly looks worth checking out if you're in the market for a free image editing solution.

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