Thursday, August 16, 2007

AppleWorks Discontinued

AppleWorksApple have declared their all-in-one software suite AppleWorks as "end of life"
Apple told resellers of the demise of AppleWorks last week, announcing that the software had reached "End of Life" status. It will no longer be sold. The AppleWorks website now directs users to the iWork section of Apple's website.

The original AppleWorks was written by Robert Lissner and released in 1984 by Apple for the Apple II family of computers, and at one point was the biggest-selling software package in the industry.
From: Macworld

I remember using the original version on Apple //e and //c systems back when I worked in Glasgow University. It even made it onto a Windows version but, now that Apple have added spreadsheet functionality into iWork, they've obviously seen that as the breaking point.

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