Friday, August 24, 2007

PersonalBrain MindMapping

PersonalBrainPersonalBrainApple CompatibleLinux CompatibleWindows Compatible is a mindmapping tool that helps you organize all your Web pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in one place so that you can always find them - just like you think of them. This saves you time and makes your life easier! With PersonalBrain you can even find related items that you worked on, but forgot existed.

Mindmaps are used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas and they're definitely one of the "in" tools in the office these days. Some folk just like to work in a visual way and it's an easy way to take notes in meetings or to just bat ideas around a workspace and see what links to what.

You can download the full version and try all the features for 30 days and you can register and upgrade to get the full performance or keep using the free edition as long as you want. After 30 days if an upgrade to Pro or Core has not been activated, the program automatically changes to the Free Edition.

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Terinea Weblog said...

FeeMind is good open source Mind Mapping softare.

Andrew said...

Much better than freemind - is XMIND - also open souce. The free version is very powerful. Also check out evernote for note taking.