Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OpenPlanning Lite

Hot on the heels of discovering OpenProj last week, one of my workmates showed me what looks like a useful, free project management tool called OpenPlanning LiteApple CompatibleLinux CompatibleWindows CompatibleOnline  Service

OpenPlanning Lite can be download for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and can also be used via a web browser. It's the free version of their business solution OpenPlanning and ProPlanning, which come with a rangle of individual and workgroup licenseing bundles, and you can upgrade to these at any time.

OpenPlanning Lite consists of…
  • A basic project management client application (projects are limited to 20 tasks).
  • A public online repository to exchange plan expertise with professional peers.
  • Community support through the online forum.
OpenPlanning Lite projects are accessible on all platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) and may also be read by ProPlanning.

There's a fairly large number of public project plans and templates available for you to use. e.g. building a house, software development, moving house or starting a new business. Of course, if you create a really useful project, then you can post it up for use by the rest of the community.

Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a project management solution.

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