Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Online Image And Photo Editors

Having already covered a few online image and photo manipulation tools such as Snipshot, Pixenate and Preloadr, I thought I'd better add another few that I've found…

Picnik Online  Service - This is very good, especially if you use an online photo storage service like Flickr, as it can work directly with your uploaded images. You can easily apply edits, transforms and effects and it all works really fast.

  • One-click photo fixing or in-depth tweaking of settings like colour, exposure, sharpness and red-eye reduction.
  • Crop, rotate, and resize images in real-time
  • Apply special effects like sepia, colour boost, matte, soften, black and white and vignette and more are planned.
  • Works directly with Flickr or you can load images from your computer, a web site or webcam. It even comes with Yahoo and Flickr search bulit-in.
  • Works on Mac, Windows, even Linux.
  • Unlimited Undos.
The Flickr integration is very good and it's always nice to be able to easily touch up something you've already uploaded. You can even edit the title, description, tags and set membership as well if you want to.

The service is currently free during its beta phase and the basic editing will remain free after release but they will offer a premium subscription for advanced features.

Fauxto Online  Service - Pronounced as "photo", Fauxto is another online image editor. Where it differs from the others is the fact that it supports layers, which greatly increases its capabilites for editing and manipulating images. Of course it also supports all the usual stuff as well.

  • Edit images from your computer or a URL.
  • Work in layers - add, remove, duplicate, merge, move, flip and flatten layers as required.
  • Apply filters such as hue/saturation, contrast/brightness, blur, sharpen, edge enhance, enrich, emboss, colorize, greyscale, desaturate and invert.
  • Transform by resize and crop or even auto-crop.
  • Standard drawing tools such pencil, brush, line, fill, eye-dropper, gradient, smudge, eraser, text, oval and rectangle.
Again, this one is in beta development and I found it a bit quirky on loading files but I expect they'll get these glitches ironed out as development progresses.

Finally, if all you want to do is resize an image then try ResizR, which allows you to simply resize an image from your computer or from a web address. All you need to do is pick a new width as aspect ratio is maintained and you can also optionally add a rotation setting if you want to.

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