Friday, February 16, 2007

Windows Live Search For Mobile Goes Final

Windows Live Search for Windows Mobile and J2ME compatible phones has finally emerged from beta testing and gone final so if you have a compatible PDA or phone, then it's definitely worth installing.

This is definitely the best search tool for mobile devices at the moment and Google Maps Mobile has a ways to go before it's in the same league. Specify a location by city, address, post code or even just a point on a map and then choose a search term such as a name, business type, school, etc. and it'll return results from the area your looking in. You can then view it on a map, get driving directions to it, send it a text message or dial its phone number.

You also browse by business or category, view maps and get driving directions from place to place. Obviously if you have a GPS capable device, it'll take advantage of that too. USA based users can also get current traffic conditions for major cities but I expect they'll add the UK in due time.

I've got a GPRS/GPS enabled hp iPAQ and had been using the beta version with good results so it'll be nice to get a final release installed.

Get it here.

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