Friday, February 02, 2007

Widgipedia - Widget Heaven

A new site has been launched to cater for widget fans. Widgets or gadgets as they sometimes labelled, started life as little applications that run on your desktop and usually (but not always) need that you download and install an engine in order to run them. However, now wev've also got web or online widgets, which are basically standalone sections of Flash, DHTML or Java code that can be embedded in any web page such as a personal blog, a MySpace page, an eBay auction page or online store pages, etc.

Widgipedia caters for both desktop widgets and web widgets and aims to be the ultimate resource for both seekers and developers of widgets. It currently supports widgets from…
Developers or wannabe developers can benefit from the wealth of code samples and tutorials on the site and of course they can also upload their creations here too.

Odd that it doesn't support Google Gadgets but maybe it will in the future.

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