Friday, March 02, 2007

Clean Install Vista For The Price Of An Upgrade

I've just read the excellent "Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price" article by Brian Livingstone on the Windows Secrets site about how to do a clean install of Microsoft Vista using the lower priced upgrade version so, if you're planning on installing Vista anytime soon, it's well worth reading.

When installing a new operating system, it's always better to do it on a clean, newly formatted drive. Upgrading from an older version almost always ends up with you having issues or niggles with installed software packages. It's more work to do a clean install but the end results are usually much more reliable.

While a few of you might think the ethics of doing this are a bit hazy, absolutely no "hacking" tricks are used here and the process is all done using the Microsoft installation tools. Of course, if you want to try and influence Microsoft's allegedly unfair UK pricing policies, then have a look at the e-petition on the No 10 website, urging Tony Blair to bring pressure on Microsoft about their alleged overcharging.

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