Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mobile Searching Updated

With the recent final release of Windows Live Search for Mobile, both Google and Yahoo! have updated their mobile search services.

Google has opted for a new mobile search interface that returns a list of results categorized by the various search types like images, web, business, local, etc. and you can customize the page by adding weather, stock reports. news and movies to the search.

They've also updated mobile access to Google Maps with support for Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Palm OS devices.

Yahoo! oneSearch follows much the same tack as Google inasmuch as it returns lists of results by category but these are optimized for the type of search being performed. If it knows where you are it'll also filter results for local services. e.g. cinema times, weather, traffic, etc.

It also gives mobile links to your other Yahoo! services such as Address Book, Calendar, Driving directions, Flickr, Mail, News. Weather, Messenger, etc.

Yahoo! Go, a device resident application, delivers email, search, news, photo-sharing, weather, sports, and other Internet services to mobile devices. It claims to support 75 Windows Mobile devices from major manufacturers, including more than 175 different device models. Doesn't support my iPaq yet though :-(

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