Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flickr! Gets Collections

One of the most user-requested features on online photo storage and sharing site Flickr! was a way to categorize photo sets or basically, nested sets or sub-sets. Well now we have it and they're calling it Collections.

Collections can contain sets or other collections, but not both, and can be nested up to five deep so you can create a pretty complicated hierarchy if you want to. Of course, sets can be in as many collections as you want.

Each collection is identified with a 4*3 icon mosaic to represent it (see pic on right) and you can either allow Flickr! to create this for you or you can cherry-pick images from your photostream or sets. You can even organize the layout of the images in the mosaic, if desired.

Once you've got a few collections you can then modify the layout of the Your Photos page to allow you to display your sets or collections in the right hand column. You can choose from displaying small images only (no sets), small images + sets, small images + collections, medium images only (no sets), medium images + sets or medium images + collections. The small image size gives you 18 photos per page and the medium size gives you five.

I had a bit of trouble modifying the mosaic the first time I tried it so it's not entirely glitch free yet but it's definitely a very nice added bonus for us flickr! users.

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