Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Picasa Web Albums Upgraded

Picasa Web Albums , Google's image and photo storage and sharing service, has been upgraded…

  • They've increased their free storage allocation from 250Mb to 1Gb. That's about enough to hold 4,000 standard-resolution photographs.
  • They've also added the facility to directly link to individual albums and photos, making it easier to share them via e-mail or IM. They even give you the HTML code to display an album or photo on a web page.
  • Finally, there's a new Community Search feature that lets you share and search public albums.
They've also integrated it with Blogger so if you've got a blog hosted by Blogger, log in to Picasa Web Albums and you'll find a new album containing uploaded images from your blog. This is useful as now you can see those uploaded images and even delete ones that you've managed to get orphaned from posts (it happens). On the downside, those blog images will eat into that 1Gb of free space so if you've got a particularly image rich blog, then you might need to consider paying for more storage or being more careful when uploading images.

Tip: I usually resize images to the size I'm posting them at as it saves space and should be faster at loading and rendering. If you need a utility to help crop and resize images, check out the related posts below.

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