Friday, January 25, 2008

General Electric Cameras - Don't Shoot Till You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!

Just spotted an article by Matthew Sparkes in PC Pro stating that General Electric (GE) are trying to break into the digital camera market over here in Europe with seven models to choose from.

It's expected that GE will offer models from the A-series (7-8 megapixels), the G-series (8 megapixels) and the E-series (8-12megapixels) digital cameras, which feature Smile and Blink detection, built-in panorama stitching and, the now expected, image stabilization. All models have the same user interface and software so there's only one user manual.

Prices will range from around £60 for the entry-level models A735, A835 and the A840s, about £120 for the G2, about £150 for the E1035 and about £180 for the E1235. The 10-megapixel E1050 is expected later in the year and will feature a 3-inch touchscreen and dockless high definition TV playback. There'll also be a E1050 variant with a built-in GPS receiver. The E1050 models are expected to start from £200.

I quite like the idea of blink and smile detection and built-in panorama stitching could be useful for those large landscape shots. GE isn't really a name associated with photography kit so they'll have an uphill run against the already well-established players such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. I can't see any official European GE web site with camera technical specs yet but I'll be interested in seeing the first reviews when these hit the streets.

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