Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PicMarkr - Watermark Your Images

PicMarkr is a free web utility that lets you to add a custom watermark to your images. Very useful if your image editor application doesn't have that functionality and you want to protect your photographic copyright.

PicMarkr samplesWith PicMarkr, you can upload up to five images at a time from your hard drive or up to 10 if you let it grab them from your Flickr account. You can even resize them by width when uploading to either 500, 800 or 1024 pixels wide.

You can then choose to apply a text watermark or use a logo image of your own. If you choose to use text, then there are a few options available regarding colour and opacity. All of the watermarks can be aligned against a nine-position grid on the image and you can even choose to use a tiled text or image watermark. Once you've applied the watermark, you can download the new image(s) or upload them to Flickr.

I have to admit I'm not a fan of watermarking original photographs as I feel it corrupts the image and detracts from the look of it but it could be useful for editions used on web sites or for marketing the image through a stock agency. My only gripe with the system itself is that the sample image provided as you choose your options isn't any of the images you've uploaded and it doesn't reflect your chosen text or alignment options, etc.

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