Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picasa For Macintosh In 2008!

Just spotted this little gem on TechCrunch

PicasaAt this year's Macworld, TechCrunch's Duncan Riley asked Google if Picasa for the Mac was coming and was told "Picasa for Mac is under-development and will be launched later this year."

However, other Google representatives wouldn't confirm or deny this for a fact but they were smiling a lot at the time. Now, regardless of the fact that Duncan asked someone who obviously blurted out something that they shouldn't have, the horse has indeed bolted and it looks like we could well be seeing Google's excellent photo management software on our Macs sometime this year.

Given that they've already released Picasa for Linux, it shouldn't take a huge amount of work to make it Mac compatible. I really hope they don't resort to making us use Apple's horrendous X11 environment to get it running.


Anonymous said...

We're still waiting.

Allan Ogg said...

Okay, fair comment but they still have a couple of months:)

Still it's not looking good for 2008 is it?