Saturday, January 05, 2008

Whats Its Color

What's Its Color

Whats its color is a web application/utility that will evaluate an uploaded image and give you the image's primary and complementary dominant colours, the number of visually unique colours in it and the top ten visually unique colours used.

Sounds simple but it's extremely useful when trying to find the best suited colours for borders, card mounts and frames. Results will display your image on the best suited background for the submitted image and they suggest that the more colourful the image, the better the results.

You can upload an image from your own system or provide a URL for the site to work on. The image is resized for display purposes but the calculations use the full resolution supplied. You can also choose to discard the image background as the calculations will be skewed by any overtly white or black backgrounds.

The only limitation I can see at the moment is that the supplied image can't be larger than 1Mb, which is a bit tight given current digital camera resolutions so you'll probably have to resize your images before uploading.

All images are deleted off the server 10 minutes after uploading and they are renamed during the upload process so no other user can view them. Whats Its Color does not retain any copies or image information.

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