Friday, January 04, 2008 - Touch-typing practice

If you're like me and probably the majority of computer users, then your keyboard typing skills aren't quite what you'd call "professional". I get away with using two or three fingers at a time but I've always wanted to learn to type a bit faster and more accurately.
So, enter free web application, a simple touch-typing practice tool that gives you a few escalating exercises in touch-typing that show you how fast and error-free your typing is. You can choose from a range of languages (English (US/US Dvorak/UK), French (France/Canadian), German, Spanish and Russian) and keyboard types where relevent.

If you are adept at touch-typing, then I suppose it could be useful if you're looking to change to another language or a Dvorak layout but for the rest of us it's a pretty useful practice tool. The only negative factor I found with it was that the text used in the lessons was pretty random and often bore no relation to actual words and that added another level of difficulty that may have been better to leave till a later exercise.

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