Thursday, January 10, 2008

NetNewsWire And FeedDemon Are Now Free


Macintosh and Windows software publisher NewsGator have just announced that their award-winning RSS reader products FeedDemon Windows Compatible and NetNewsWire Apple Compatible are now both free. On top of this, they've also freed up their (Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java based) mobile device RSS reader NewsGator Go! and NewsGator Inbox, which works with Microsoft Outlook.

This means that, should you need the faster speed, desktop integration, smart lists and syncing capabilities of these products, then you can get it all for absolutely nothing. I used to use NetNewsWire Lite, before moving on to online news aggregator service Blogines, and it was pretty good for a free news reader.

One of the benefits I wanted when moving to an online aggregator was that I could get my feeds from any machine (work, home, mobile, etc.) and they'd always be in sync but NewsGator offers this service for its readers as well as long as you register with them.

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