Wednesday, January 23, 2008

globalPandora Down!

It looks like globalPandora has been closed down :-(

The rumour mill has it that Pandora have blocked their IP addresses so no more access for us in the UK. Can't really blame Pandora as they're just covering their backs and obviously don't want to be targetted for legal action by the UK music publishers.

In the end both Pandora and the UK music publishers are losing out as well as us now non-listeners. Pandora is (or was) a great service for discovering new music and artists. globalPandora are treating this as a technical outage for the moment but they are also listing links to a number of alternative music radio sites.

The FranticIndustries blog has some more suggestions on using other proxies to access Pandora from outside the US so I'll maybe investigate that or maybe just make the move to

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